• New customers may book on a Course at any time and will pay only for the remainder of the Course.
  • Bookings are accepted by phone, and re-booking is preferred during re-booking week at the Pool, however if for whatever reason this is not possible then re-booking over the phone is acceptable.
  • Late fees of £1 per child per week will be applied if payment is not received within the designated rebooking week.
  • Existing customers have priority over lessons, and must re-book at the end the current course to ensure their place is saved.
  • Places are available on a first come first serve basis.
  • Courses currently run over half termly periods, and are renewed 1 week before the end of the current course.
  • Please notify of any learning or physical disabilities and/or health issues upon initial booking.



Refunds & Cancellation Policy


  • Splash Swimming Academy will, where possible, rearrange your missed lesson as a gesture of goodwill. We do ask that you call on a Monday morning to arrange your make up session. Only 1 session per course will be rearrange, subject to availability.
  • If a customer needs to cancel the remainder of a course for medical reasons, then a written letter and a Doctors note will be required, and a full refund minus one week will be provided.
  • If the swimming pool is unfit for lessons, or has been closed by the School, then lessons will be credited onto the next course. Parents will be notified of a pool closure as early as possible via text message.
  • If a swimming instructor is absent and Splash Swimming Academy cannot provide a replacement, then a lesson will be credited onto the next course. Parents will be notified of an absent Instructor as early as possible via text.
  • Refunds & credits can only be claimed during the course period.
  • Splash Swimming Academy is not responsible if a customer is unable to find the swimming pool, arrives late, or at the incorrect time for any lesson. Credits/refunds will be given in retrospective circumstances.



Personal Data


  • Splash Swim Academy Worksop Ltd (and all other Splash & Learn2Swim subsidiary companies & Franchises) will process and store data relating to living individuals under the guidelines of the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • We may, in order to aid your child’s swimming, physically help your child to swim, jump in or climb out of the the pool. This is in accordance with the Child Protection Act, if you would rather we didn’t do this please let us know prior to your child’s first lesson.





  • Please ensure any children over 8 years of age change in the appropriate changing rooms. And that parents also only enter the correct sex changing rooms.
  • Please make sure your child wears appropriate swim wear. Goggles are strongly advised.
  • Please try and carry all belongings onto poolside whilst your child is having their lesson, as Splash Swimming Academy is not liable for any lost or stolen belongings.
  • Ensure your child uses the toilet before each swimming lesson & shower before entering the pool.
  • Please do not wear footwear on poolside & use the blue overshoes provided.
  • Children must not enter the pool until instructed to do so by their swimming instructor.
  • Please do not eat or drink on the poolside.
  • Please ensure large meals are not consumed before lessons.
  • Please respect Splash Swimming Academy’s & the school’s rules and regulations by adhering to the signs at the venue, and the above mentioned points.
  • Photography & Videography is strictly prohibited within any of our facilities without prior consent, please ask for details.