How long are your lessons?
All Splash swimming lessons are 30 minutes in duration.
Is my child old enough to learn?
Our minimum age is 3 years old, but we prefer children with water experience if under 4 years old.
How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

Every child is different, as there are so many factors which affect a Childs progress: Confidence, experience, buoyancy, strength, concentration etc. We usually say, an average 5 year old would follow a 2 year journey to achieve a strong 200m standard.

How do I book swimming lessons?

You can contact us via Email or Facebook, but it’s ultimately necessary and quicker to give us a call on the number listed for your chosen venue.

How do I pay?
Payment is taken by card upon your initial booking. Going forwards, Rebooking payments can be made during your final lesson at the venue by Cash or Card, or by Bank Transfer (details are sent to customers).
Do I pay per lesson or for a block?

Payment is taken for a course of lessons, this is usually per Half Term, or Block of lesson defined by your specific venue.

Do children work towards achieving Badges?
Yes, we operate our own bespoke Award Scheme. We assess our swimmers each term, and if successful, Awards are available to purchase during Rebooking week.
How are we informed of relevant information?

We communicate to each customer via Text Message, referring to up coming term dates, fees, closures etc. Additionally we keep our Facebook pages unto date with relevant information also.

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